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Mitsubishi Announces Price Drops

The big news this week for entry level home theater consumers is that Mitsubishi just dropped the price of their HC3 Home Theater Projector from its original $2,795 MSRP to a new official selling price of just $999. We liked this unit at the old price when we first reviewed it. But at $999 it is an extraordinary value for new home theater buyers--it is the first widescreen 16:9 projector to go below the $1,000 mark. You can read an updated review here, or just click over to a list of authorized Mitsubishi dealers who you can get it from.more

New Pricing Announced by Infocus

InFocus has just announced some new pricing on several home theater projectors. Their new ScreenPlay 7210 announced at CES which uses the new DarkChip3, will be priced at $6,999. Meanwhile the ScreenPlay 7205 using the HD2+ DLP chip has been reduced to $4,999 (from $6,999) and the ScreenPlay 5700, featuring the Matterhorn 1024x576 DLP chip, has been reduced to $3,499.more

Sanyo WF10 Coming in May or June

We are in the midst of a major screen review at the moment that will include both white and gray screens from various manufacturers. We hope this will answer a lot of the questions we get regarding which screens are right for which applications. The review won't be done for a while yet--these things take time, and I don't have a publication date.more
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The Brightest Widescreen Projector Yet

The brightest widescreen projector yet is the 4000 ANSI lumen Sanyo PLV-WF10, which just started shipping a few weeks ago. The review has just been posted. This unit was particularly fun to review as it delivers a brilliant image that is thoroughly engaging. However, the WF10 is a big machine, weighing almost 50 lbs. It is a large venue machine that is not intended for the home theater market. But it does deliver a gorgeous video image, and there will undoubtedly be some consumers with an extra big theater space who will want it precisely for its industrial strength lumen output. Put it behind a false wall to kill the fan noise, and you will end up with a killer image on a 15-foot...more
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