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A Personal Affinity

If you read this site with any regularity, you may be aware that I have a personal affinity for large format 4:3 video presentation. That is due to my own particular interest in old classic films which were all produced in 4:3, or very close to 4:3, prior to the early 1950s. I enjoy viewing, say, Casablanca, on a very large 4:3 screen, just the way original audiences experienced it in commercial theaters back in 1942. And today's 16:9 home theater projectors are not designed to do this. On a 16:9 widescreen system, the classic films lose a lot of their dramatic potential when presented in the center of the screen with black side columns.more
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Congratulations to Texas Instruments

We just posted an update on the NEC HT1100 to alert you to the fact that its price has just been dropped to $1,995. This is a unique product because it is loaded with home theater features while maintaining a native 4:3 format. This is rare in the industry. There are some who prefer native 4:3 for good reasons, and the HT1100 is now an excellent choice for those in the sub-$2,000 budget range who want high quality large screen 4:3.more
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NEC Bundle Pricing

What is the next review in the schedule? We are currently working on two sets of reviews. First is the higher end HD2+ DLP projectors. The review will include the Toshiba MT800, (a.k.a. InFocus Screenplay 7205), the BenQ 8700 (updated edition), and the Optoma H77. We will also have some comments on other HD2+ machines such as the SharpVision Z12000 and the Marantz VP-12S3. Among the questions to be addressed is that of value--can some HD2+ machines really be worth double the price of others as current street...more