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Posts about upcoming product reviews and releases, tradeshows, new technology and advanced product features as well as our thoughts and observations on all things related to projectors.

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Improved Quote Request

We've made some improvements to our Get a Quote service. Previously you had to identify the projector you wanted and other projectors you would consider. With our new changes you can still identify the projector you want and if you would consider others, just check "I will consider equivalent projectors." But most importantly, if you don't know what you want, just go to the next step and describe what you are trying to do and mention any concerns or questions you have.more
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ProjectorCentral is seeking tech writers

Have you ever wanted to write for ProjectorCentral? Now may be your chance...more

3LCD vs. DLP Technology Comparison

It has been several years since we wrote an article comparing the benefits of LCD and DLP, so an update was long overdue. After working on it for several months, the revised and expanded version has now been posted on the home page.more

New Options Added to Feature Search

We just added 11 more search options to Feature Search. Just click More Options under the last column of check boxes to access them. Click Fewer Options to hide them. Hiding options does not disable them; however, clicking Start Over will. Use Comments below if you want to share your thoughts with others or use Send us Feedback if you want to offer suggestions.more
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Epson Ensemble // Technology Article

Last week we had Epson install their Ensemble "all in one" home theater systems in one of our theater rooms.more