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Formidable Entry Level HT

If you are about to get your first home theater projector and you have a very limited budget, we'd like to call your attention once again to the Mitsubishi HD1000. This is, in our opinion, currently the most formidable entry level home theater projector on the market, and selling for below $1,000. We've been spending more time with it this week, and its very sharp, high contrast image continues to amaze us. It was the first product to be given the Editor's Choice Award last fall, and for the money it is still extremely difficult to beat. Check current street prices by getting quotes from dealers, and see if it is time for you to...more

A lot of Presentation Power

We have just posted a review of the Optoma EP770, a low-priced five-pound portable projector that will be a terrific option for presenters on the road. Though there are projectors a bit smaller and lighter, this one delivers a lot of presentation power for the money. We have several business models under review at the moment, and we are also working to update a number of the commentaries and technical articles. We will be posting those as we get them updated.
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