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Posts about upcoming product reviews and releases, tradeshows, new technology and advanced product features as well as our thoughts and observations on all things related to projectors.

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The Emergence of Black Screens

We've just posted a new review on the Nexy ambient light rejection screen. If you've been looking for a front projection solution that works with the lights on, this may be an option for you. We are expecting to see the release of several of these so-called "black screens" this year. That's good news for everyone who want large screen entertainment, but can't or don't want to create the dark viewing space needed for the best performance on conventional screens.more

Working on a Home Theater Buyer's Guide

Many readers have noticed that the Buyer's Guide on this site is oriented toward the buyer of commercial and business projectors. We've been working on a Home Theater Buyer's Guide that is more focused specifically on the needs of the consumers looking for their first home theater projector. While awaiting the arrival several new projectors, as well as HD DVD and Blu-ray players for review, we've been concentrating on finishing up the HT buyer's guide. It should go live in the next couple of days.more