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Specific Uses and Market Niches

There is no such thing as the perfect projector for all applications. That is why there are hundreds of different models on the market. InFocus is one of the manufacturers that puts a lot of effort into designing projectors for very specific uses and market niches. And nowhere is this more obvious than in the comparison between the Screenplay 4805 and the X3.more
Topics: InFocus X3

Congratulations to Texas Instruments

We just posted an update on the NEC HT1100 to alert you to the fact that its price has just been dropped to $1,995. This is a unique product because it is loaded with home theater features while maintaining a native 4:3 format. This is rare in the industry. There are some who prefer native 4:3 for good reasons, and the HT1100 is now an excellent choice for those in the sub-$2,000 budget range who want high quality large screen 4:3.more
Topics: NEC HT1100

DLP Passes LCD for Most Projectors on the Market

The latest installment of The Great Technology War: LCD vs. DLP has been posted. This remarkable story continues to develop and evolve as both technologies get better and better with each new year. LCD is the original digital video projection technology, and hundreds of LCD projectors had been built by the time Texas Instruments' fledgling DLP technology saw the light of day. Thus a particularly significant milestone for Texas Instruments has just been achieved: as of last week we had 349 DLP projectors currently in production, as compared to 330 LCD projectors.more

Check out the Oppo

In case you happen to be looking for an outstanding DVD player for a mere $199, you need to check out the Oppo OPDV971H digital DVD player. Dave has just posted a review of this little wonder. You won't find it everywhere. As a matter of fact, you won't find it anywhere except via direct order on Oppo's website. But it is definitely worth tracking down if you are in the market to replace that old, antiquated, three-year old DVD player that you are still hanging on to.[See the review for details.]more