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Will be Optoma's Best Seller Ever

A review of the Optoma H79 is now posted. This is one of the hottest products we've seen in a while. The H79 is a remarkable achievement on Optoma's part--without a doubt the best home theater projector they've ever produced. It is likely to become one of the best selling projectors featuring the DarkChip3. The picture is elegant, smooth, stable, bright, and very high contrast. And it is easy to install in a variety of environments. With the H79 on the high end, and the equally impressive (for the money) H31 at the entry level, Optoma is making major headway in establishing itself as a serious designer and purveyor of home theater projectors.more
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Several Models in the Queue

We have just posted a review of the Toshiba MT200. This is another 854x480 resolution DLP projector in the entry level, sub-$1500 street price marketplace. It has gained a lot of attention due to its 5x speed color wheel, a unique feature among this group of products. And while it is among the best in the category in terms of image quality, we were surprised that a product with such a fast color wheel would be so lacking in other features commonly found in home theater projectors. Unfortunately, the specification of the 5x wheel speed gives the impression that it is fully loaded for home theater, when in fact it is not. Overall, the MT200 will be an ideal home theater solution for...more