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Posts about upcoming product reviews and releases, tradeshows, new technology and advanced product features as well as our thoughts and observations on all things related to projectors.

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HDTV Solutions

For quite a while now people have been asking for two things. The first is for information on plasma TVs, LCD TVs, rear projection TVs, and how they compare to projectors as video display products. The second request is for ProjectorCentral to host a forum. As of today, both of those requests are being fulfilled. We are happy to announce the opening of HDTV Solutions. This new companion site to ProjectorCentral will focus on flatscreen TVs, monitors, and rear projection TVs. Projectors are not for everyone, and these alternative video systems for home theater and big screen entertainment will be the focus of HDTV Solutions.more

Changes and Expansion

We are in the process of making some fundamental changes at ProjectorCentral. Of primary note, we are discontinuing the use of the Highly Recommended rating on projectors, and we will no longer have a separate Highly Recommended Home Theater Projectors list. The reason is that it is too binary--it has come to be interpreted as a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" call, which is overly simplistic as a method of product evaluation. In place of the Highly Recommended concept we will offer a five-star rating system. For each product reviewed, we will assign a value of 1 to 5 stars in each of four categories: Performance, Features, Ease of Use, and Value for the Money.more

Epson on the Road

Epson has always done extremely well in the market for presentation projectors. If you do much presentation work, especially on the road, the Epson 745c is a unit you will want to be familiar with. It only weighs 3.9 lbs, and it puts out more light per pound than any projector ever built. We've just posted Bill's review, of this hot little projector.more

A Beautiful Performer

Yes, I know, updates have been sparse in the last few weeks. However we've had a lot going on behind the scenes. First, we've hired a new associate, Bill Livolsi, who will help us increase the production of reviews that everyone is asking for. Bill is working side by side with me in our Las Vegas office, and we are excited to have him on board.more
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