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Creative Projection

A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Ghost Box

The Ghostbox is a prototype conceived by the creative studio Leviathan who sought a way to forge a connection between people and clients' products.more

Casio Projectors Evolve into Airport Virtual Assistants

When lamp free projectors were on the horizon, many of us who are involved with projectors began to speculate just how their existence might change things. After all, if the high expense of a lamp change were not an issue, projectors would be an obvious choice for 24/7 applications utilized across a broad spectrum of industries.more

Projection Mapping in Commercial Advertising

This video goes behind the scenes during the creation of an unspecified advertisement. It gives great insight into the mapping process and the results that can be achieved with this technology. It begs the question: will 3D projection mapping up the ante for the quality and creativity of TV commercials and advertising in general while reducing the overall expenditure required?

Projection Mapping from Within

NuFormer strikes again--this time in China while Mercedes-Benz intros their new B-Class. Mercedes seems to have latched on to the power of the projector as 3D projection mapping is becoming a fixture at their launch events. Fortunately for mapping hounds, they employ the services of NuFormer -a team out of the Netherlands bent on evolution in the art. Before now projection mapping would occur with the images projected onto the body of a car.more

3D Projection Mapping Behind the Scenes

I've been looking for a video that would give us insight into the mechanism behind 3D projection advertising. Thank you for documenting the steps taken for the Lexus CT200H spectacular building projection. For those of us mesmerized by this art form, watching the details from the ground up can give the letdown feel of seeing the dismantled floats after the Rose Bowl. But if you are of the "need to know" persuasion this video will give you a glimpse into the beauty that transpires when projectors and creative minds are given a giant canvas and a big budget.

Interactive 3D Projection Mapping

Imagine 3D projection mapping that is interactive-- with the crowd below actually effecting the projection. The artists at Pearl Media did just that when recreating the arcade favorite "The Claw" then magnifying and projecting it onto the side of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Check out what happens when a player manages to position the lever successfully and grasp the Chevy Sonic. It is exciting to watch this evolving art form and to witness some very impressive creative minds emerging. It's hard not to forget that this is an amazing advertisement.

Projectors Shed Light on Phone Evolution

Creative advertising campaign by Vodaphone using projectors to shed light on the evolution of the mobile phone. The projection mapping was great--I winced just a little when I saw the occasional flash of a hand but overall this was a great effort.

Using Projectors to Display the Restaurant Menu

I first read about this on Ubergizmo but searched for a video so I could show it in action. Inamo, a London restaurant uses projectors above every table to display an interactive menu.more

Extraordinary Car Receives Extraordinary Launch with Projection Mapping

I'm drawing atention to this video for the technical merits of the projection mapping. It was made in London in support of the launch of the Toyota Auris with Hybrid Synergy Drive. In the next post you'll actually get a quick education about the projection mapping process used for for the campaign including the incorporation of seven projectors, 28,000,000 pixels and 100,000 lumens.

Projectors in the Sky

Projectors and parasailing put a new twist on aerial advertising.