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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Projectors Involved in Bringing Site to the Blind

These special glasses developed at the University of Oxford, use two cameras and an infrared projector to detect nearby objects. They use a gyroscope, a compass, and a GPS to help orient the wearer. The Images that are created through this data are then projected on transparent OLEDs. Yhe hardest part for any innovator is to have his or her creation reach the public. Hopefully this one will be put on the fast track.

Mixed Projection Mapping

This Yoav David projection mapping event was commissioned by the Bet Hagefen gallery in Haifa. It is especially interesting because it mixes an analog and digital approach or, to put it another way, technology and live action. There is also a distinctly Middle Eastern flavor that is very appealing.

Microwave with Built in Projector

No video on this one, but I had to give a mention to the projector that wants to save you from cancer. Many sources over the years have cited the potential health risks associated with standing in front of an operating microwave oven.more

Casio Virtual Presenter-Digital Signage Breakthrough

I saw Casio’s Virtual Presenter system up close earlier this year at CES. It's a specially designed screen crafted to look like a live presenter. The concept of a virtual presenter in digital signage applications is not new-check out the virtual TSA's I wrote about in an earlier post. At that time, although excited about the technology, I could not help but ponder the expense of the environmentally unfriendly mercury laden replacement lamps necessary to maintain such an installation.more

IllumiShare: Projectors Dissolving Borders

It's a pretty nifty trick with far reaching implications. A peripheral device, IllumiShare appears to be a desk lamp, and like that device, it lights up the surface at which it is pointed. The components are straightforward: a computer, camera, projector and software. They capture the surface of my desk and send send it to my remote office colleague in London, my professor in Brussels, or my online friend in Tehran. There we interact in virtual ways that allow an actual physical game of Crazy Eights, simultaneous Hangman with an actual pad and pen, or the side by side comparison of Barbie and Ken with Sara and Daramore

DLP Projectors are Cooking up Amazing 3D Treats

Fascinating is the work of Burlington, Massachusetts based company, Z Corporation. They have the ability to create different mechanical and physical objects with a copying machine – a three-dimensional (3D) printer. This video unfortunately does not highlight the role played by a DLP projector in the process. Here we have a promising, albeit very rudimentary variation on the Enterprise's “Ship’s Replicator”(aka molecular assembler) and a projector plays a key role in one of its critical processes--the curing process. DLP may indeed challenge the dominance of lasers for curing resins because of the cost. But at this juncture, we just wanted to share a video featuring some very cool technology.

Portland Projection Plotters in the InFocus Conference Room

This short video is great because it brings projection mapping to the conference room. These projection plotters from Portland look like they're aiming to arm InFocus with the tools to really fire up their team.