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A collection of videos highlighting the fun and creative uses of projectors.

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Experiments on Video: Kinect and Project

The background music sets the tone for this eerie use of the Kinect for live 3D capture and overlay projection using a Hitachi XGA projector. The screen is holographic-- a "Transscreen"™ developed by Laser Magic.

Projectors in Perspective

I have an increasing fascination with projectors in art. This video presents an interesting perspective on perspective so to speak. When you watch, understand that the camera is tracking the eye movements of the viewer in the room and software computes the corresponding angle of his view and projects it onto the concrete cube--the very section of the area the sculpture is actually blocking. The effect is that the cube appears to be transparent.

Immersive Exhibits with Projectors and Projection Mapping

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England recently opened what is to be a permanent AV installation that will highlight the depth and breadth of the Museum's collections. Most intriguing is the manner in which the creators conceived of this 3D wave that culminates in a "Puffersphere" spherical projector at the far left. Looking at the geometrical complexities of that structure, video mapping the wave was likely quite a feat.

The Power of a Projected Suggestion

I love the artistic mind. This video conveys in its minimalistic brilliance psychosociological truths about which volumes have likely been written. It is fun, it is deep, and it begs me to investigate the power of projectors in crowd control.

Reach Out and Touch a 3D Projection

As we've touched on in other posts, the next milestone in 3D technology will be the creation of an interface that will allow a user to actually manipulate 3D objects. This video features a Russian company, DisplAir and their prototype of such a device. Using an infrared camera, projector and fog, users can use movements such as pressing, dragging or swiping to interact with objects.

Pedal to Power-Up the Projector

In an effort to make us think about and connect with the energy we consume, Adam Walker's Magnificent Revolution was born. Their first traveling Magnificent Cycle in Cinema took place in Notting Hill this past summer. Riders on stationary bikes generated enough power to drive a projector and audio to support an audience of about 50 or so viewers. It is a good reminder for us not to take our luxuries for granted--that something as seemingly innocuous as watching a film requires considerable energy consumption. Just ask the pedalers who had to work for their film rations.

Saks Fifth Ave 2011 Holiday 3D Projector in Action

This projection mapping installation at he Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York City is of special note because the show runs every night for five hours from November 21st until January 6th. As such it is the longest running video mapping experience found anywhere. The Snowflake & the Bubble has grown and been refined for the 2011 holiday shopping season. While we can't recreate the snow, smells and general mystique of New York City at Christmastime, this little video clip can you there for a minute.

The Next Step Toward Collaboration via Projector Phone

We have been following the evolution of pico projectors from their inception. At this stage, as pico technology is embedded in products from kids toys to mobile phones, this video is more about what's to come next. Researchers from the University of Duisberg-Essen have obviously listened to the conviction of so many smart phone owners who make statements such as "my entire life is in this phone." This is a bulky prototype of a telephone system that uses projector phones to provide the means for an interactive interface that would allow instantaneous sharing and collaboration far beyond that which can be achieved via voice communication.

Projecting a Human Face

Researchers at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) Institute for Cognitive Systems are working with Japanese scientists to give robots a human face through the use of 3D projection technology.more

Video Mapping on a Mannequin-Who Needs Expensive Models?

I have covered many examples of 3D projection mapping in this space. But the video below features LCI Productions out of the UK demonstrating the technique on a shop mannequin. I stopped to ponder over just how innovative this truly is and the kind of impact it could have over a wide swath of industries.more

Projecting Everywhere

Take a look at OmniTouch which although still in the experimental phase aims to perfect a wearable system that enables graphical, interactive, multitouch activities on the surfaces that surround us. This shoulder-worn device allows users to manipulate the image projected onto walls, tables, objects and even their own bodies. The prototype uses a laser-based pico projector ( a Microvision ShoWWX) and a depth-sensing camera.more

Surrounded by Presentation Bullets

More interesting projector experiments happening at Meiji University... This video introduces presentation software that has a sort of sixth sense. As such it could turn the current state of presentions on its head. Using C# and a Kinect SDK and moving away from a PowerPoint environment to store text positioning coordinates in Excel, this device would likley shift audience focus from the slides and allow a presenter to at least share the spotlight with his or her bullet points.

Projectors in Public Art

The Quartier des Spectacles is Montreal's entertainment district and the perfect space for the work of artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Articulated Intersect-Relational Architecture 18, was created for La Triennale Quebecoise 2011. Lozano-Hemmer's kinetic sculptures are known around the world but this is the first time the artist has produced something of this scale in the middle of a major city-- the place he calls home. The apparatus consists of eighteen 10,000-watt projectors. Six electromechanical levers, each connected to three projectors,will be manipulated by six participants to create sculptures in the downtown sky.more

Projectors, Holograms and Fashion Shows

Forever 21 sure knows how to put on a fashion show! Intended to highlight the latest line of clothing creators infused holographic technology which reduced the need for additional models and gave the audience the opportunity to see as many designs as possible from multiple angles. They did this with 3D rendering techniques, custom screens, green screen video shoots, high-resolution projectors and other special effects.

Touchable 3D

This video will give you a taste of the current state of "touchable" 3D. What you'll see is a "naked eye" 3D display with which viewers can actually touch a 3D character floating in midair.

Downsizing with a Pico Projector

Micovision's ShowWX was the pico projector of choice for Nirav Patel who developed a spherical display from a former bathroom lighting fixture, a fish lens, a tripod and open source software. What you're seeing here is a scaled down inexpensive way to view the same projected planetary data for which NOAA uses four projectors, unimaginably high resolution and a six foot diameter sphere. Read more about this project at electic.ccmore

DIY Multitouch Table

There is a definite hunger out there for inexpensive DIY technology . When I discovered this video which teaches viewers how to make an DIY multi touch table screen and save a bundle, I knew I had a find. The elements required are ,2 chairs,acrylic sheet,paper,projector,mirror,infrared camera (made from a webcam) and a computermore

AC/DC Rock the Great Keep at Rochester Castle via Projector

The front façade of the Great Keep at Rochester Castle was a superb canvas for 3D projection animation set to AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thrill.” The site of much destruction over the centuries, the castle seems appropriate for this fast paced projector mapping complete with build ups and tear downs set ever so expertly to the hard rocking tunes of these giants in rock and roll.

Projectors Shed Light on Phone Evolution

Creative advertising campaign by Vodaphone using projectors to shed light on the evolution of the mobile phone. The projection mapping was great--I winced just a little when I saw the occasional flash of a hand but overall this was a great effort.

Creative Projection Mapping by Adidas France

The projection mapping concept is something we've covered extensively from simplistic examples to a historic use of projectors and 3D architectural mapping such as what took place in Amsterdam in 2010. It's taking a lot more to get my attention these days and I find the shameless imitations tiresome. However,this 3D experience created for Adidas France was original. While I commend them on providing a creative and exciting new twist on a not-so-new-anymore concept, I wish the cameraman would have rethought filming the closeups which sometimes detract from an amazing display meant to be seen from a distance.

DLP Projectors are Cooking up Amazing 3D Treats

Fascinating is the work of Burlington, Massachusetts based company, Z Corporation. They have the ability to create different mechanical and physical objects with a copying machine – a three-dimensional (3D) printer. This video unfortunately does not highlight the role played by a DLP projector in the process. Here we have a promising, albeit very rudimentary variation on the Enterprise's “Ship’s Replicator”(aka molecular assembler) and a projector plays a key role in one of its critical processes--the curing process. DLP may indeed challenge the dominance of lasers for curing resins because of the cost. But at this juncture, we just wanted to share a video featuring some very cool technology.

Interactive Projection Mapping

This architectural mapping is a little different in that it is interactive. Created by the firm 1024 Architecture out of Paris, this project was done on the facade of the former Lyrical theater the "Celestins" in Lyon. Watch how the projected structural manipulation is controlled by the audience using a microphone and an audio analysis algorithm.

Projectors in Virtual Design

On behalf of Playframe Berlin, Grosse8 / Lichtfront was asked to develop a presentation tool for displaying wooden textures on real objects. Here is that presentation tool which uses HD projectors to help designers and shoppers select tiles and textures for kitchens, bathrooms, an other spaces in the home or office. The illusion of the furniture is projected by HD projectors which display the wood-textures in high resolution on two white cubes. The most critical element here is the system’s ability to preserve details like figure, grain and color as only through that can the demise of the infamous wood chip sample be guaranteed.

Projectors and Baseball Training

Always on the hunt for examples of projectors in unique applications, I found the ProBatter Multi-Pitch Machine with Synchronized Video Display using Hitachi projection technology. Now you’ve heard of pitching machines, but this device's video simulation allows hitters to face a variety of different life-size pitchers projected on an 8’ X 10’ screen. It’s really quite amazing. ProBatter Sports uses the Hitachi CPX-3011 3 LCD projector in their most current model, the PX2. These simulators are not cheap—but for those who love the game—the advantage offered by this kind of training would appear to be priceless.

Projection Mapping at the Lunchmeat Festival

Here is some projection mapping from the annual Lunchmeat Festival--an international show of electronic music, visual art and new media held in Prague. The underlying theme of the festival is to feature musician and visual artist in an organic connection; visuals and sound as equal elements. This video features four different artists with four very distinct takes on a single assignment--to create a projection display onto a Nike shoe with the aid of an Acer K11 pocket projector.

DIY Projector for iPhone

This home made iPhone projector will certainly never compete with the Optoma PK301 pico projector, but at a cost of $3 as opposed to $399 the inventors ingenuity is well worth the applause I'm sending his way. An instant scenario created in my mind for me is Mom and Dad working on this with the kids before bedtime and rewarding them for the fruit of their labor with an instant movie in their room.

Using Projectors to Display the Restaurant Menu

I first read about this on Ubergizmo but searched for a video so I could show it in action. Inamo, a London restaurant uses projectors above every table to display an interactive menu.more

Impressive Projection at the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

Earlier this year this very public celebration in honour of the patron Saint Sebastian took place at the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca in Spain. It included an impressive projection mapping event with 100,000 watts of sound, nine projectors and 135.000 ANSI Lumens of projection. Some powerful imagery accompanied by music from Mozart's Requiem was more than enough to make me watch the video twice.

Projecting Two Faces

PhotoShop be hanged. Photographer David Myrick got creative with a projector for his photo shoot of the band Glitch Mob. After capturing the bandmembers in colorful suits, he then dressed them like blank slates, including white face masks so as to project the original photos over what appeared to be a second set of subjects. While cleary a new version of an old idea, the effect is edgy and "organic." Source:

The Making of a Product Launch with Projection Mapping

This is a follow-up video which gives viewers a peek at the making of the Toyota Auris: 'Get Your Energy Back' projection mapping campaign last year in London. Seven projectors. 28,000,000 pixels of texture and 100,000 lumens come together to create a mood around what appears to be an extraordinary car.

Extraordinary Car Receives Extraordinary Launch with Projection Mapping

I'm drawing atention to this video for the technical merits of the projection mapping. It was made in London in support of the launch of the Toyota Auris with Hybrid Synergy Drive. In the next post you'll actually get a quick education about the projection mapping process used for for the campaign including the incorporation of seven projectors, 28,000,000 pixels and 100,000 lumens.

Pico Projectors: The Swiss Army Knife of the Projector World

Even though I live on an island in the Puget Sound, riding my bike around here can be a lot more treacherous than it ever was when I rode in the city. We don't have a lot of bike lanes and I often get the feeling some car drivers see non-motorized road users as nothing more than annoyances hindering them from reaching their destination.more

Projector and Kinect Unite for a "Snowglobal" Summit

Thank you Katie with TI DLP for sending us the link to the Snowglobe Project featured at the CHI 2011(Computer-Human Interaction) conference in Vancouver BC this month. Using a DepthQ DLP 3D-Ready projector, two Microsoft Kinect sensors and some additional hardware and software, students from Queens University made a “snowglobe” display that lets users manipulate projected 3D objects using just their hands. Check out another example of a spherical display seeking to give "flat screeners" a more "global" perspective with the Eye of Sauron.

Pico Projectors in Medicine

Does anyone ever do the exercises recommended by their physical therapist? It would seem that enough of us do not that Microsoft researchers have created a device they hope will change all of that. A pico projector, digital camera and infrared camera along with a laser pointer and controls combine to create the AnatOnMe.more

Pico Projectors and the Future of Mobile Gaming

Here is some experimental work by the Disney Research MotionBeam Project. Their work with pico projectors will likely impact the future of mobile gaming. This cellphone pico projector allows users to interact with each other and the characters projected by moving the device like they would a motion controller.more

Interactive Projectors and Interactive Legos

It was interesting getting a chance to peek into the world of depth cameras and computer vision algorithms and see how scientists are combining them with interactive projection to create a whole new way to play with Legos.more

Pico Projector Powered Immersive Gaming Project

Even though this virtual reality gaming experiment is truly at the embryonic stage of development, it has captured the attention of gaming enthusiasts and pico projector watchers alikemore

Projection Mapping on Christ the Redeemer in Rio

Yet another venue for projection mapping, this video shows how eight powerful projectors helped launch a major campaign against child abuse in Rio last year. Images of the city and 3D animation set to emotive music culminate in the "biggest hug in the world."

Kinect & Pufferfish Eye of Sauron

I have to admit, the initial draw was the Eye of Sauron but the technology within also fascinates. To achieve this marvel you need a PC, a Microsoft Kinect and a Puffersphere.more

Automatic Projector Calibration with Embedded Light Sensors

Our hero Johnny Lee demonstrates his technique of using light sensors to automatically pinpoint the locations of surfaces in a projection area. This lets him fit a projected image perfectly onto a surface. It makes us rethink how we use projection technology and opens our minds to future uses of projection technology.

Multiple Projectors and Fog Create 3D Images

Researchers at Osaka University have improved on existing technology and produced a 3-D image in fog that viewers can actually walk around. The use of multiple projectors allows the scientists to display different views of an image which is what allows for the 3D view. This video gave me a flashback to the cantina scene in Star Wars.

Wearable Technology with Projector

This video has been around for a couple of years but it is definitely a favorite among TED Lecture fans. We are sharing it because the projection device is critical to the scientist's ultimate goal of creating wearable technology devised to give wearers a "sixth sense" or instant access and display of relevant information during life's daily activities.

3D Projection Mapping Promoting The Tourist in Dallas

Okay...I'll admit it now, my search term was Johnnie Depp but I inadvertently uncovered a treasure for my efforts that actually is work related.more

3D Projection Mapping in Sydney

This is clearly the next level of 3D projection technology brought to us by some amazing projection mappers in Sydney Australia. Just hours ago the Hot Wheels™ Skull Racers competed in the mother of all speed races held on the facade of the Customs House building.

Portland Projection Plotters in the InFocus Conference Room

This short video is great because it brings projection mapping to the conference room. These projection plotters from Portland look like they're aiming to arm InFocus with the tools to really fire up their team.

3D Projection in Action on a Shoe

We've seen amazing examples of 3D projection mapping on buildings around the world. The virtual fashion shows have been pretty impressive as well. But this video shows how a projector and this technique can take an object from mundane to marvelous.

Storytelling with a Projected Hologram

Hans Roslin uses a projector and augmented reality animation to plot life expectancy against wealth for every country of the globe since 1810.more

Powerful Projectors Create New Security Staff Members

Well, we can't call them holograms just yet, but it is a high tech version of cardboard cutouts bearing a security message at Manchester Airport in the UK.more

Projection Mapping Interior Design

...."And your wife seems to think you're part of the peculiar" That line from a 1970's Supertramp hit popped into my head as I watched this video of projector mapping in the field of interior design.more

DIY Projection Nightlight Clock

Jeri Ellsworth was not satisfied with the performance of her LCD alarm clock. In this video she shows how to make a quality projection nightlight clock from a mirror, lens, her used LCD alarm clock and ultra-bright LED's. She completed the task at a cost of less than five dollars.

Projected Clothing for the Fashion Conscious

This is a fashion shoot unlike any I've ever seen, but what a brilliant way for Chilean designer Loreto Correa to promote his latest collection.more

DIY Projector: Re-Purposing Old Electronics

The whole idea of "re-purposing" is dear to my heart. This video shows how it is possible to make a projector from a cast away laptop and an overhead projector found on Craig's List. It was posted on YouTube by a user named McGyver who obviously shares our passion for bootstrapping.

A Tool for Artists

In his studio, this artist projects a photographic image onto a canvas. He then traces over the image in order to transfer it. Some artists might think this in cheating, but if I recall my college art history class, this process has been going on for a long time.more
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3D Video Mapping Makes Buildings Come Alive

This is an Alice in Wonderland type adventure where images projected on and from buildings create illusions that would make observers rub their eyes in disbelief.

Snow Projection

Imagine being lost in the snowy wilderness and stumbling upon an interactive snow sculpture such as this one created at Mount Buller in Australia.

3D Projector Creates Concrete Canvas

Projection on buildings became huge in 2009. However, this sophisticated 3D display is one of the best we've seen. Watch this building in Germany simply come alive.

Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wiimote

Now here's someone who was ahead of his time. He uses a Wii remote and a projector to create an interactive image that functions in the same way as an interactive whiteboard.more

Projectors in the Sky

Projectors and parasailing put a new twist on aerial advertising.

Projector becomes Digital Highlighter

The term digital highlighter comes to mind as projectors give form to a large object in the dark.

Skydiving Geek Style with a Projector and Google Earth

Self preservation is valued among the geek set. These gentlemen in Japan found a way to achieve the thrill of an X-Sport without leaving the safety of their lab.more

Virtual Fashion Show with a Projector

Fashion designers may no longer have to see their creations tossed carelessly by angry divas.more

Sneaky Projectors

Some would call this the evil side of advertising....but few would deny the brilliance of flash projection-- an innovative form of subliminal advertising.more